What Is Mobile Marketing?

We're glad you asked. Simply stated, mobile marketing uses tools and tactics that allow people with mobile phones and tablets to interact with your company or brand. These tools include: 

  • Text message marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Mobile friendly websites
  • Email marketing

With all of these tools in your arsenal, your prospects and customers have a wide degree of choice in how they interact with your business. Your lead nurturing campaigns can now go beyond just email to connect and converse with potential customers using their choice of technology. Why limit how they access your brand? Give them options for receiving valuable information from you using our mobile marketing solution. 

Use mobile marketing to add value to your customers:

  • Create "text-to-join" print, radio or T.V. campaigns
  • Offer last-minute text message coupons
  • Send and receive video/picture messages (MMS)
  • Remind clients of upcoming appointments
  • Text message voting
  • Add Facebook widget to offer other ways to follow you
  • Send daily/weekly "thoughts for the day" or "tip of the week"
  • Text e-cards to all of your customers for holidays and birthdays