Marketing Campaign Management Services

Design and run marketing campaigns that deliver new business

Inbound marketing is most effective when you have consistent and relevant campaigns to nurture your leads all the way to a purchase. And there's more to it than just putting coupons in an email, you have to think about the entire possible path of a visitor.

Inbound Edge works as an extension of your team to provide expertise and help with the following campaign management services:

  • Campaign Design - We leave no stone unturned as we look for every opportunity to create a valuable interaction with your visitors so that they return, share or purchase.
  • Social Media Marketing - From custom Facebook tabs to sweepstakes, we design and implement social media marketing campaigns that build your fan base and drive them to your site.
  • Email Marketing Outsourcing - Our knowledge of different email platforms and our experience with email marketing techniques make us a good fit to take on your email marketing for the month, season or year.
  • Marketing Automation - We can help create campaigns that send emails based on your customers' behavior on the web, creating a higher percentage of leads and sales!