Aligning All Parts of Your Business:
Marketing - Operations - Customer Experience

Process and Project Management

Just a step below “core competencies” are the skills and experience needed to run key processes that deliver customer value.  Inbound Edge Consulting helps your organization identify:

  • High-impact processes
  • Required process outcomes
  • Required skill sets for running them effectively and efficiently

Once these processes, outcomes and skills are identified, we take a hard look at current process performance & talent available and ensure that the right people are leading the process that best fits their skills.

These tools are highly valuable for:

  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Companies with “siloed” functional areas
  • New Business Opportunities
  • Reorganization
  • Planning for growth

Voice of the Customer

You may think your business starts with nifty technology or product, but unless that meets a need in the market, that might be where it ends.  Voice of the Customer methods help to answer these questions:

  • What is our competitive differentiator?
  • How do we find untapped market potential?
  • What will people pay for?

Through synthesis of data from in-depth interviews, surveys, observations and focus groups, we discover unmet customer needs in the marketplace.  This rich information then informs product requirements, roadmaps, and market strategy to create sales that exceed expectations.

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