Inbound Edge was founded by seasoned business leaders who saw the need to help other successful businesses improve how potential customers find them, trust them and contact them using the new technology and culture of marketing.

Our passion is to help businesses grow by focusing on their customers first and then using the current marketing techniques to spread the word. We've worked with a range of companies, from family-owned businesses to multi-billion dollar corporations to help founders and executive teams apply marketing, strategy and leadership techniques for improved business results.

Our experienced consultants have worked with companies in family entertainment, high-tech, financial services, healthcare, medical devices, human services, management consulting, packaged foods and chemical production to increase customer satisfaction and business results through improved products and services.

Core Values

The following core values are important to us, especially when working with each other and our clients:

  • Focus on possibilities - Creating something new often times means letting go of trying to fix the past and imagining a new possibility for the future. 
  • Passion for serving clients - We'll "jump over the desk" to answer your call (a throw-back to the days before cell phones) and wash your car if that's what you want us to do. Even if it's not on the menu, we'll do our best to cook it up for you.
  • Build trust - We really do believe that once you've found us, it's our responsibility to build trust with you so that you'll come back again.
  • Being authentic - This isn't necessarily "tell you what's on our mind", but it is giving you our honest opinion on what will help your business, even if we don't provide it. We're a small business and want to see other small businesses succeed, even if that means we don't get the sale.
  • Acknowledging - We make an effort to acknowledge the dedication and contribution of everyone on our team including our clients. 
  • Make and manage our commitments effectively – Be realistic in what we say we can do and then do that which we promised. And when we get a curveball thrown at us, we will do whatever we can to actively manage our commitment so that we keep our integrity.
  • Sprinkle in some humor - Working hard and achieving results is fun for us, and we supplement the hard work with humor here and there, usually laughing at ourselves. Feel free to laugh at us too.