The Pain of New Marketing

What a nightmare...How absolutely insane! It's like driving with your eyes closed, in the desert, at night, looking for a bug.

This is how I felt after one of my first tries at keyword search. It is not the methodology, I'm not stupid, it's the "let's use the new software tool for keyword research - you remember, the one that you learned watching tutorial videos". My question is: Which video tutorial or webinar was that again? 

First, you try to determine how many people are searching for a specific combination of words. So you dive in and you are going down roads looking at word interactions until you reach the point where you don't know where you are, and even more frightening is that you forgot where you started. What the hell was I looking for in the first place? I feel like a blind man who lives with someone who is always moving the furniture around.

To do keyword analysis is painful, especially for a guy that looks at a computer and sees a microwave oven. Press the popcorn button for popcorn, 2 minutes to warm up Chinese food for the kids (personally, I prefer my leftover Chinese food cold).

I'm not naturally curious. I'm not really that interested in how it works, as long as I know what is does.

No, it is not just me. If you are a small-to-medium size business, you feel the frustration too. It used to be that you came into work, took care of business and went on with your life. Now, the concepts of marketing that we have hung our hat on for the last 20 odd years have been turned upside down!

How do you learn all this new stuff when your still knee-deep in everyday duties of running your business?  Which software is right for you? Will it still be relevant next year or next week?

The real question... Is it practical and good business sense to be spending time and energy on these marketing concepts? The answer is absolutely, Yes! Standing still and letting the world of social media pass you by is not a viable business option. Once you come to the realization that you must join this new world order, you then must determine your level of involvement. 

For one of our very first customers, it became obvious to him that he needed to engage his customers online, but had little time and less interest. He looked me in the eye and said: "Thank God your helping me with this. All I want to do is be the best Dentist I can be, then go skiing on the weekends."

The young technocrats can't understand your pain, but as a more seasoned business owner, I have felt that pain.

Recently, I spent several hours working on some basic keyword research. My head started spinning and I was ready to throw the computer out the window. Sure, I had read the tutorials and watched the videos on how to use this new tool. Then, the real world happens and I'm going to meetings with clients, more webinars, reading partner agreements and responding to what the days ask for in my small business world.

As Dirty Harry said: " A man has got to know his limitations". Pain, especially from growth, indicates those limitations!

The trick is to understand the concepts and then have a trusted partner make the concepts a reality. Can you manage all these new marketing concepts and still run your business? Maybe you can, maybe you can't?

Let me know where you stand, I would love to hear from you.