Niche Marketing Thoughts - Learn to Say "No"

find your inbound marketing nicheIn the early days of Inbound Edge Marketing, our motto was "we will do for you whatever you need done...we will even wash your car!".  We were customer centric, trying to please all comers, and excited about helping people solve their marketing problems.

It felt like we were creating enticing marketing ideas in our internet marketing kitchen and the delicious aromas were simply drawing customers in. People heard about us and asked us to do all sorts of internet marketing projects. We had no sign or menus, but we kept cooking and customers kept coming. Mike and I had a hard time saying no to anybody. We became just another Jack ("Jack of all trades").

Listen To Adam Kaufman, PH.D.  in this video describe some risks to being a "Jack of all trades".

The lesson is that although you need to understand the many practical functions of your business, it is important to let the experts utilize their skill.

In our own world, Mike and I had become so busy helping clients and meeting with prospects that we stopped practicing what we preached. We lost our edge, our niche. We had lost sight of our original concept for the business that was to help people find their unique voice and to help them tell their story. So what did we do? We stopped, took stock of our core beliefs and began to focused on what we do best (and we will always be sharpening that focus).

In the same way, many businesses that we work with try to use the "Jacks of all trades" approach to their inbound marketing. They lose their unique voice trying to be everything to everybody and become part of the noise. At Inbound Edge Marketing, we work with our clients to emphasize their expertise and to focus on their core competencies allowing them to be heard above the noise.

Here are 4 tactics to help you optimize your internet marketing strategy utilizing a niche marketing approach. These should help you sharpen your edge.  

  1. Website Optimization - Relevant and fresh content that engages your niche and keeps them coming back. Utilize industry specific keyword content so that search engines can easily find you.  
  2. LinkedIn - Join and/or start groups that focus on your niche. Start conversations and become an industry expert by going to the answer tab and answering questions. 
  3. Blogging - The most critical tactic for organic search and the best platform for you to display your thought-leadership. Blog about what you know best. Provide valuable information.
  4. Twitter - Follow the experts in your niche to gather more insightful industry knowledge. Join in the conversation. Retweet information that you find especially useful. Establish yourself as a leader in your industry.

The point is that people are searching for answers to their questions and ideas to help them make their businesses better. They want to get advise from experts, not Jacks! Share your thought-leadership and expertise with those you know and pretty soon people you don't know will seek you out. That's the "magic" of inbound marketing.

How have you sharpened your niche and focus in the last year? Leave us a comment about your experience!