Blog Writing Tip Example - Observe The Periphery

Last week, I walked through 5 Breakthrough Blog Writing Tips that came out of a "breakthrough thinking" approach. Ironically, those 5 tips were not as down to earth as I would have liked, so I decided to take each one and do a blog post to use it and describe it further.

Let's take a fun, light topic, say "flying a kite" (people are always telling me I should go fly one) and use the "observe the periphery" tip to build a blog or even better, a list of unique blog topics that I can write about over the coming weeks.

Okay, first, I'll turn some 10 dollar words into those you can get for a nickel: "observe the periphery" = "look around the edges". We usually have a couple visitors dialing in from places like Russia, Bolivia and Ohio (I'm from Ohio, I can say that) so hope that helps.

When I am looking for ideas, I first take the topic and search on Google, then click on the "Images" link on the left column next to the search results. I searched for "flying a kite" on Google and clicked the "Images" results. I look through the images, and especially the edges of the pictures, to get some ideas. For these results, one picture is of a boy flying a kite, and, around the edges, I noticed an old barbed-wire fence.

We always think about the overhead hazards of flying a kite, such as power lines, but not as much about stuff on the ground. So right there, you can write a blog about "Hazards You Don't See When Flying A Kite". Looking through more of the pictures (around the edges) I notice people running with a kite at a beach, a public park, down a hill, on horseback and through a farmer's field. Each of these has their unique hazards that you could write about (have you ever hit a groundhog hole at full sprint? on a horse??).

Another tool that reflects "looking around the edges" is Mind Mapping (see video and image below). It's a brainstorming tool that starts with an image, phrase or word in the middle and has "arms" that build out the ideas, one on each arm. This can continue for a few more levels until you have several different ideas all related to your main topic. It's just another way to organize your thoughts and build upon them.

using mind mapping for blog writingFrom 12manage - Expert communities on management. Encyclopedia of management methods, models and concepts. This was a quick and dirty example of using some creative idea generation methods to write an interesting blog. I hope you experiment with this and other tools to create more innovative ways to develop your topics and online content. Images are a great help when trying to tell a story, so make sure to include them in your article.

Leave us a comment below with your experience or suggestions for getting beyond basic blog writing advice, we look forward to hearing from you!