Vine Ripened Leads: Know When To Pick 'Em

When using automated marketing software, there can be a tendency to use the traditional "it's a numbers game" approach and as soon as a lead comes in, it's forwarded to Sales, leaving Marketing feeling like they've done their job. But you stand to alienate prospects these days with tactics like that.

Just like homegrown tomatoes, you want to pick them at the right time at their peak for readiness.

Interacting With Your Hidden Prospects

interact with hidden prospects onlineSo, you want to take the next step and use email, mobile marketing, the internet or social media to generate more leads for your business? You know it's a good idea, everybody's doing it, but what does it mean?

Get to Third Base With Your Marketing Automation

Marketing automation tools do expand your ability to send messages based on visitor behavior, but if you think about lead generation like dating, you can't move too fast when building a relationship with your visitor.

To illustrate this point, I'll share a recent experience that paints the picture of how a potential marketing "date" turned into a "stalking" experience.

To Post Prices Or Not - 3 Considerations

There's always a debate among business owners and marketers about whether or not you should post your pricing for your product or service. I myself have gone back and forth with my own opinion on that. That's when I realized that the answer is based upon that simple, yet difficult phrase: "It depends...".