Blog Writing Tip Example - Observe The Periphery

using mind mapping for blog writingLast week, I walked through 5 Breakthrough Blog Writing Tips that came out of a "breakthrough thinking" approach. Ironically, those 5 tips were not as down to earth as I would have liked, so I decided to take each one and do a blog post to use it and describe it further. Let's take a fun, light topic, say "flying a kite" (people are always telling me I should go fly one) and use the "observe the periphery" tip to build a blog or even better, a list of unique blog topics that I can write about over the coming weeks.

5 Breakthrough Blog Writing Tips

We are often asked about our process for creating blog content. It's not so much a process, though I'm sure we could flow-chart it if you wanted, but more of an opportunity to reflect on an idea and use our creativity to share what we know or think with you, the reader. 

One of my past career stops was with the Center for Quality of Management, an international consortium of companies who jointly learned and applied quality improvement and leadership principals. The primary "guru" who led us through that process was Shoji Shiba, a Japanese professor who was an expert in quality. Professor Shiba also wrote a book called "Breakthrough Management: Principles, Skills, and Patterns of Transformational Leadership", of which I had the privilege of attending his workshops during the early development of the concepts in the book.

So what does this have to do with blogging??