3 Tips To Make Your Message Fun

In working with some of our clients, I've noticed a commonality about how they think they could improve their marketing message. When wanting to take it to the next level, many people want to add video to their mix, which is an awesome idea. But simply describing in a video what your business does and what the benefits are simply creates an alternative to reading the same information on the page. This is a step up, since it gives the visitor a choice as to how to take in the information, but if you want the video to be shared by others, you need to up your game.

The best way to do this is with humor. If you aren't one of the 4.8 million people who have watched the Dollar Shave Club video, watch it below before reading further (then start reading again). If you have watched, watch it again, it's funny as heck. This is a stellar example of taking your marketing message to such a level that it goes viral and launches your business to new heights.

Here are three tips for creating a marketing message that is engaging, fun and share-worthy:

  1. Leverage emotion - If your basic message is "We are opening soon", create a list of emotions associated with that. Frustration, impatience, anticipation…whatever it is, pick one and then come up with a picture in your head of an exaggerated scene that demonstrates that emotion relative to the product or service you will be offering.
  2. Question industry rules - Then come up with outrageous, hilarious and sometimes unrelated answers to those questions that make people laugh and think at the same time. The Shave Club does this with the tennis star getting paid top dollar for their endorsement of a razor.
  3. Take a gimmick over the top - Poking fun by taking the "But wait, there's more!" pitch to a ridiculous level will leave people laughing and knowing that you aren't taking yourself, or your product, too seriously. The random bear mascot, "Our blades are F**king Great" and the final party scene do this well in the Shave Club video.

So transform your message into something fun and memorable, and make 'em laugh!